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Client Patrizia Pepe Case Study Project Details

Since Fall Winter 2017 Out There has started to strategically support Patrizia Pepe in its Media Strategy. The aim of the FW 2017 Communication Strategy was to offer the greatest diffusion and visibility to the Bang Bang Advertising campaign that has introduced Dua Lipa as a testimonial.

The Media campaign has been distinguished for its multi-channel and innovative approach, a strategy that combined offline and online media, owned and paid, in order to enhance the creative assets and reach the Millennials audience.

Out There has directly coordinated the Media Planning and Buying for the Out of Home and Digital channels. The devised media strategy has been honed in on Patrizia Pepe’s key markets and specific target audiences, ensuring the most efficient media buy for the brand.

In each city Out There selected the most appropriated OOH media to guarantee visibility and spread coverage in the premium areas. To relaunch the brand we opted to have a great presence during the Milan Fashion Week in September: Out There provided a high impact, large format campaign in the city center and night life area of Milan.

The Digital Campaign was planned to reach and stimulate the engagement with the Millennials audience and reinforce the connection with the actual consumer. The audience buying has been achieved through the Video Distribution, Social Media campaigns on Instagram, Facebook and Spotify and across innovative channels such as Smart Tv and In-Image Advertsing. Spectacular units such as Skin Video Homepage takeover of Corriere.it and Repubblica.it created significant impact for the brand during the launch of the Bang Bang Video.