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Client Marmur Medical Case Study Brand Identity & Website Design Project Details


Marmur Medical is a leading dermatology center in New York City. Located on the Upper East Side, Dr. Ellen Marmur and her team of experts practice a holistic approach that encompasses fitness, nutrition, dermatology, and overall well-being.

Dr. Marmur wanted to create a distinct identity for the Marmur brand that would distinguish it in the market. Out There tapped into Dr. Marmur’s holistic approach and expressed this through a clean logo treatment, a new website featuring video of Dr. Marmur herself, and packaging design that reflected Dr. Marmur’s philosophy that health and beauty are intimately connected. The resulting brand statement embodies the essence of the practice.


Brand strategy, Brand identity, Stationery system, Brochure, Content strategy, Video content, Web site design, Photographic direction